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Website hosting - or web hosting - is the service that will get your website online. A website is basically a set of files including code, appearance instructions, and of course databases containing your content. To turn these files into a dazzling website you need hosting services; shared web hosting will place your files in your allocated server space, which then turns the files into a live website.

Dedicated Servers

The server is responsible for sending these files through the internet to any website visitors wishing to access your site.Hosting is crucial to the success of any website. Placing your files online is not the end of the story. Once your website is live, you will require the shared hosting to load your website at very fast speeds to your visitors. Potential delays and buffering can cause viewers to navigate away from your site without ever having seen it properly.


Also, what will the website hosting providers do in terms of security? A website’s uptime is immensely important: it can be very damaging to your business if your website can’t be seen due to server problems. This is why WestHost offer only the best in infrastructure and service. With almost 20 years of online experience, we are at the top of our game, which in turn means your website will be too.

Why choose us?

Plus Ones

You can host multiple websites on our shared servers, which your wallet will be happy about. Offerings include ecommerce hosting, shared hosting, and unlimited hosting.

Super Speed

You'll be able to quickly and easily set-up apps and software in one click. The time you save here will earn you dollars later, after all.


We give you plenty of bandwidth and storage options for any type of website, so you can plan to budget in the exact specs you need.

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